Why Cyca Wellness is unique to patients

  • It empanels doctors through a robust process of authentication of all required certificates and experiences for this platform.
  • It makes ease to patient to get the treatment without reaching doctor physically as per time suitability.
  • It makes a convenience to the patient to share the case and read the answer whenever it suits her/him
  • It minimizes the total cost of patient in terms of transport, time and unnecessary diagnostic tests if not required
  • It provides necessary facility of some minimum fixed duration tele-call with doctors and online chat facility for follow up on doubts and advice
  • It creates a platform for doctors to reach out to patients globally with their own expertise and experiences
  • It provides doctors to increase their income base by getting more number of patients beyond their catchment area through a structured online platform
  • This will provision the facility of data documentation for their academic and research purpose with terms of the company to make their own career in future
  • This will minimize their investments on infrastructure to reach out to large number of patients from local to global