Hello I am Dr. Subhransu Mishra

Dr. Subhransu Mishra

Psychatric Disorders, Arthritis, Piles, Neurological Disorders

14 Years of Experience

  Doctor Registration Number :C /3220 ( State council / Cent

  Language Speak :English, Hindi, Odia

  Area of Treatment :Rheomatism, Osteoarthritis, Anxiety Disorder, Piles(Haemorhoids), Anal Fistula, Gastric Disorders, Skin Diseases, Neurological Disorders Etc...

  My Best Cases :One Female aged about 40 years,suffering from Peripheral Nuritis for last 3 years, having severe pain, first treated at various Hospitals,F inally cured with Homoeopathy, within 1 month of treatment. Response Rate of treatment: 80%

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