Director's Desk

Not too long ago I was travelling to my home from my job location by train. I got a phone call from my friend’s relative and tried to hear him but I could not due to poor network connection .So I assured him that I would made a call back once I reach a location where I can have better connection. When I called him afterwards he mentioned his pain in his throat since last three days. He called me because he got to know from his friend that I was a homeopathic doctor. In few minutes I asked him about his symptoms and I prescribed him belladonna 30. I advised him to take it three times a day for the three days. After three days he rang me up and shared happily that his pain was 80% better after three doses. However, he had continued my medicine for three days and shared that he had no throat pain.

My homeopathic profession and management background inspired me to conceptualize the platform to bring many eminent and experienced homeopathic practitioners across the country (eventually worldwide) to reach out to needy patients who are looking for online consultation for Homeopathic treatment, which is cost effective for various acute and long standing chronic diseases. We aim to achieve this through a virtual network of experienced & best homeopathic doctors with high rate of cure. This is a first of its kind in the online homeopathic consultation platform, which creates an opportunity to connect more and more needy patients and practitioners globally with a patient friendly model for doorstep delivery of an effective treatment plan for their diseases.

I wish all my patients with speedy recovery and heartfelt thanks to all the doctors for being part of this journey of healing. ”We treat and God Cures” that’s what we believe in. CyCa Wellness is committed to put its effort to use our knowledge and technology to stand by you and provide the best of our quality service.