About Us

Cyca Wellness is a patient centric online homeopathic treatment platform which provides cost effective homeopathic treatment of various acute and long standing chronic diseases through group of experienced & best homeopathic doctors with high rate of cure. This is a first of kind online homeopathic treatment platform which creates an opportunity to get wide range of patients globally and provides a patient friendly model to receive effective treatment plan for their diseases at their doorstep. It would also help patients to select the doctors easily for their diseases through patient centric rating system.

Cyca wellness platform stands for its end to end verified method to bring some potential doctors who have high rate of cure for several diseases into online platform to reduce the high burden of cost for patients and increase the patient base for prospective and eminent doctors from local to global.

Cyca Wellness platform is founded by Dr Sk Fazlul Haque Krishnan, one long standing experienced homeopath and public health expert and Dr Nusrat J Sanghamitra, eminent scientist in the field of biomedical sector. It envisages to spread the healing benefits of homeopathic treatment from potential doctors to needy patients globally which is more than 100 countries. It also aims to work hard to amplify the promotion of homeopathy, education and research in coming future.

Cyca Wellness will also aims to create an e-global knowledge management resource through its repository of evidence from treatment testimonials of potential doctors on different cases of different diseases.