Doctor On Cyca Wellness

Dr. Rajendra Kumar Dash


Osteoarthritis , Gout, Rheumatic and Rheumatoid ar

23 Years of Experience

Dr Dhreeti Nebhnani

Uttar Pradesh

Headache , alopecia , dandruff , ganglion , warts

5 Years of Experience

Dr. Kashinath Mishra



11 Years of Experience

Dr Hemanta Kumar Behera


Such as rheumatoid arthritis, hyperthyroidism, chd

13 Years of Experience

Dr. Subhransu Mishra


Rheomatism, Osteoarthritis, Anxiety Disorder, Pile

14 Years of Experience

Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo


Gastro Intestinal disorders

13 Years of Experience

Dr. Asutosh Jena


GI Disorder, Orthopaedic, Skin, Peadiatric Disorde

13 Years of Experience

Dr. Subhankaree Mishra


Arthritis, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Lipoma, Bre

14 Years of Experience

Dr. Sambeet Kumar Das


Haemorrhoids, Gastrointestinal Disorders, Cervical

14 Years of Experience

Dr. Anita Jain


Alopecia, dandruff, headache, deafness, asthma, si

30 Years of Experience

Dr. Sitansu Mishra


Skin, Gynaecology, Gastro Intestinal disorders) et

10 Years of Experience

About Cyca Wellness

Cyca Wellness is a patient centric online homeopathic treatment platform which provides cost effective homeopathic treatment of various acute and long standing chronic diseases through group of experienced & best homeopathic doctors with high rate of cure. This is a first of kind online homeopathic treatment platform which creates an opportunity to get wide range of patients globally and provides a patient friendly model to receive effective treatment plan for their diseases at their doorstep.

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How it Works

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Our Testimonials

  • ava

    Cyca wellness is a great initiative to bring in specialised physicians and patients to one online platform, which is easy to use and interact. This will definitely reduce the time and enhance the quality of health care consultancy especially in the time of CoVID 19 crisis. Real time information on appointment and consultation from national and international physicians will make the life of patient easier. I wish Cyca wellness a very best and success in coming days.

    Dr. Biswajit Singh Health care professional and managed leadership positions in Multinational companies. Currently based in Germany

  • ava

    In the new era of “New normal” due to Covid19 all industries are going for their digital presence and reducing the distance to travel between service provider and consumer. The effort has not left healthcare industry as well. “Cyca” is one of such Nobel efforts by team of enthusiast healthcare experts in the field of homoeopathy wherein they brought all industry leading and successful practitioners under one roof digitally to serve the humanity. I am sure Cyca’s effort to provide homoeopathic treatment to people from far and wide places without taking the pain of traveling & can spend time with their family while getting Cyca expert physician consultation done. It’s very easy, user-friendly and cost effective. Unique platform in its way in the field of homoeopathy & would impact much difference to people and society affirmatively. I am as much as excited to write this than you would be while availing service from Cyca. I wish all the very best to whole team & success in their Nobel effort.

    Dr. Jyoti Ranjan Swain Assistant Manager, Health Claims, Union Insurance company, UAE

  • ava

    Our life has definitely has changed a lot after this pandemic. Online consultation to exploration of Indian traditional medication system are new normal. The “Cyca Wellness” is definitely a game changer in the field of homeopathy system of medicine to provide complete cure of acute and chronic illness of patients without any adverse effects. My best wishes to Dr Fazlul and his team for all the success for “Cyca Wellness” in the field of homeopathy practice of medicines.

    Dr. Chandan Mohanty Director, Mediance Consultancy, Newdelhi

  • ava

    Cycawellness is the need of hour during this Covid 19 pandemic situation. It is really acost effective patient treatment model which not only helps patient to take the treatment of their chronic illness through Indian system of medicine but also becomes a platform for doctors to reach out to patients beyond their clinic. I wish Cyca wellness and its team for their success.

    Dr. Durgesh Shiva Vice President (operations), Medicover Hospitals

  • ava

    I am very much delighted to know about the initiative done by Cyca Wellness. It has been well conceptualized at right time to make the platform for doctors and patients to wider the extent of homeopathic treatment through technology. I wish Dr Fazlul and entire team of Cyca Wellness to take this initiative to a great height of success in future and make it revolutionary in the field of Indian system of Medicine.

    Dr. Sudhir Kumar Dash More than 30 years of academic experience in the field of homeopathy

  • ava

    I was suffering from fatty liver and I was not able to go for treatment due to tight schedule of my job. I consulted doctor of Cyca wellness for this case. I submitted my complain through an easy and user friendly format which took my 10 minutes to send and I received prescription copy within 24 hours. I took medicine from a local pharmacy and continued for 1 month. Now I am relieved from my pain. Really Cyca wellness is first of its kind and easiest way to get online consultation. This is very useful especially for the employees who have busy work schedule. It saves our precious time and money. No need to rush to the clinic every now and then or we can say that our health is at our doorstep now.

    Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Rana Employee in Bangalore